Monday, 28 May 2012

MUET..can i pass it??

MUET or it called MALAYSIA UNIVERSITY ENGLISH TEST...this is one of my fear when thinking about foundation that i had accepted..i'm not so well to write english essay neither to BIAR LA NAK BELASAH SPEAKING APA PUN KAT BLOG NI!..huhu..

But sya! dont worry..we have a lot more revision books tu what's the problem??

ya right..but lidah sya kaku..otak sya beku nak fikir tulis mom , abang Syafiq and whole my family had pushed me to be more CONFIDENT!!..i will do it..but..still feelling so down...hurmm -.-

I REALLY WANT TO GET BAND4!..paling koman pon lahh~..arghhh..lambat lagi..rilex please..dont be clumsy sya!


All my friend had going their matrics today!..but not at all..a few of it...

so the rest...same goes like me..still counting time nak masuk U,politec la..etc..anyway wherever you go ,..we still proud to be MALAYSIAN PEOPLE.. =))

                                                MALAYSIA DISNEYLAND!!.COMING SOON!

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