Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bff !

meet myfriends. my real lover :

 her name is huril ain ..huril ni sangat cute tau.dia tak ada boyfriend lagi..dia cakap.."kite memang memilih"
so guys kat luar hope boleh la kenal2 dengan her first guy!.

this is like mybig sister..last moment we met at her school..SESERI..her name is kamilah nordin 

My first job!

today..myfirst story is introduce myself.:
 name       :  nor syahira

 nickname : sya

school      : ex-smakl & ex-smaiwp(now im free!)

university  : not yet!

hobby       : help mama cook..(tolong sajaa,nanti da pro baru masak =P) , chatting , make new friends ,
                  listen music

boyfriend  : Mr.Piza..(i love you!)

keyh,thats all from me today..nanti sya cerita lagi ok..hope u all enjoy lah!

                                                     have a beautiful sunny day with sya

                                                          from : creative aidamia (my sisters)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

halo !

This is my first post in my blog..I hope there's a follower or comment for my post. 
and i'm very hope that there's anyone read my blog.. Thank you very much for read my blog

FROM: Sya <3